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by anonymous


I've been trying to configure OpenVPN Cloud to work with RUT240, the connection is established and the connector appears online, and the RUT240 connector's IP is reachable from other VPN clients (p.e Windows). But It is not possible to reach VPN clients from RUT240's LAN, It is only possible to ping local VPN interface IP from RUT's LAN. 

Followed the configuration procedure: The RUT's Subnet is added in the OpenVPN Network, and created the connector as described here:

Deploying A Connector On A Teltonika (RutOS) Compatible Router | OpenVPN Cloud

the device was reset to defaults before creating the VPN, so there wasn't previous configurations.

It is no clear if it is necessary to configure anything additional.

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by anonymous

I'm going to need a little more information to understand the issue. Could you provide me with a diagram of the topology with IP addresses? As well as the complete configuration you are using on the RUT240.

From the routing table, it looks like the routes are set up properly. However, I don't understand if the RUT240 would be the server or the client. As well as what other devices are involved and what configuration they have.
by anonymous


This is the diagram of the topology, and this is the configuration used to add the client:

Client (RUT240)

TUN - UDP 1194

LZO: None

Authentication: TLS/Password

Encryption: AES-256-CBC 256

TLS Cipher: All

Remote Host: [Remote host from *.ovpn file]

Resolve Retry: infinite

Keep alive: 10 120

Remote network: 

Remote network netmask: -- please select --

Authentication Algorithm: SHA256

Additional HMAC Authentication: Authentication Only (tls-auth)

HMAC authentication key: [file.key]

User Name: [First line in *ovpn file]

Password: [user password]

Certificate authority: [cert.crt]

Client certificate: [client.crt]

Client key: [keyfile.key]

This is the problem:

From RUT240: I can ping (Local tunnel IP), and, but can not ping other clients or connectors (p.e

From other clients or connectors: I can ping (RUT240 tunnel IP), but can not ping RUT's LAN IP addresses. and all clients and connectors can ping each other, including a VNet from Azure.

Since all deployments in Azure and VPN Connect (PC's) has been succesful, except with RUT240 used as connector I ask here about the configuration.

Thanks in advance!

by anonymous

If you can make a ping from the other clients to RUT240 and from RUT240 to It is possible that you need in the cloud connector some other route to the devices, or perhaps review the firewall of the other devices. 

On the other hand, once you can reach all the VPN addresses. You must add static routes on the devices to be able to reach them behind the ones connected to the VPN.  Please try adding a static route manually like shown here:

Also, make sure you're running the latest firmware version.