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I today tested zerotier on two RUT955, i configured everything like in the wiki https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/ZeroTier_One_VPN_configuration

Connection is extremely slow and ping are in the 500-1000 milliseconds and often it times out. I made a little research online and it looks like i am on zerotier relays servers that are extremely slow.

Is there any other configuration apart that in the wiki that i need to make to have a faster connection?

I am using zerotier trough mobile connection on nat (not public) IP address, maybe this is the issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I should add that RMS is enabled on those routers and as i understand they use Zerotier and they are rather fast.

Obviously to test zerotier connection i disabled RMS just to make sure it doesn't interfere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because with natted lte connections having a well functioning zerotier configuration would be a great improvement!!!

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You need to allow 9993 UDP else you go through a relay, depending on your NAT you may be able to adjust your firewall accordingly

I opened the 9993 on both RUT955 but i can't open it on the nat of the vodafone lte carrier.

Do you mean it has to be open on the telephone carrier?
You won’t get passed the Vodafone network issue, all I can think is that you could possibly have a relay of your own hosted somewhere and direct your units at that, it would mean hacking the config locally and spinning up a virtual machine running ZeroTier.. but this is just an idea.

Hope it helps
i hoped that one of the 2 router would have acted as a relay sinvce one is a server and the other is a client based on the wiki configuration.
Is there any support on this isue? On same natted lte connection RMS is fast so must be something with zerotier configuration, since rms uses zerotier and is fast.
Any help from developers???

Hello, You can use ZeroTier from now on for RUT9XX devices

More information in the following links:



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