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by anonymous

Hello. In order to send an SMS we can use this URL

Is there a possibility to send an SMS from the Internet (from a remote website for example) as is a local address? I have a Teltonika TRB140 device.

Please let me know what are the options. Thanks.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


If your router has a public IP address and remote HTTP access enabled in System -> Administration -> Access control, you can replace the LAN IP with the router's mobile WAN IP to send SMS from the internet.

However, if you enable remote HTTP access, make sure you follow general security guidelines provided in this page.

Best regards, 

by anonymous

Thank you for your prompt response. I enabled HTTP access and I was able to send an SMS from the PC my TRB140 is connected to. 

So, this link works from the PC the TRB140 is connected to (with correct IP information, username etc.) http://10.179.23.XXX/cgi-bin/sms_send?username=UUUU&password=PPPPP&number=NNNNN&text=textmessage

But if I try this link from another PC connected to the internet, which is connected to another network, then this doesn't work anymore. Am I missing something? Can you provide me with a solution? Thank you.

by anonymous
The issue is that 10.179.x.x is not a public IP routable over the internet. It belongs to a private addresses range under carrier grade NAT.