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by anonymous
the situation is this:
- I have a RUT950_01 as main router with a 4G modem connected to the WAN port for internet connectivity
- I have a RUT950_02 used as a "repeater" (but Idk if it can be configured as it) with an active LAN and the WAN connection is taken through WiFi from the RUT950_01
What I'd like to do is to see the networks from both RUT as one. I have set a static IP for the WAN WiFi and another one for the LAN with the same subnet and gateway of the RUT950_01 but I've problems reaching the devices connected on RUT950_02 through my server that communicate through a VPN with RUT950_01.
To reach RUT950_02 I had to configure a port forwarding on the static IP of the WAN WiFi and I did the same to reach another PLC (Ratiotherm Oskar).
My main problem is that I cannot reach the Ratiotherm Oskar Modbus TCP/IP on the RUT950_02 lan network from an AS-P (Schneider Electric) on the RUT950_01 lan network.
Can you help me?

I've attached the scan window.
Ratiotherm ip is .43 and AS-P is .33
by anonymous
Unfortunately I have access to only 1 RUT950 (the second one) so I'm not able to update both firmware: is it ok if I only update its firmware?
by anonymous


Thank you for the feedback.

You may upgrade the firmware to the newest only on the RUT950 router that you currently have access to. Kindly refer to the links below for steps to follow when performing firmware upgrade:

After successfully upgrading the router's firmware, access the router's WebUI and navigate to Services - > Package Manager - > Packages page and install "Relay Configuration" package by searching for the package using the search field and clicking the "+" button to install the package. Upon successful installation, the status of the installed package should be "Installed". The link provided below provides a guide on different ways of installing packages:

To configure "Relay Configuration", kindly follow the link below to get configuration instructions. We recommend that you focus on "RUT2" configuration instructions as you mentioned that you currently do not have access to the other.

In future, should you get access to the other RUT950 device, we recommend that you also upgrade its firmware to the latest.

Kind regards,


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by anonymous


I suggest to check the article in the following page, as this, if I understand correctly, is what you want to achieve:

Best regards,

by anonymous

Hello, this is what I want to achieve but on the RUT2 I can't see Relayd option.
It could be that I should use this and as DHCP server put the RUT1 IP?

by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd Support.

We recommend that you upgrade your device firmware to the newest.

The latest RUTOS firmware for RUT950 device could be downloaded using the link below:

To upgrade firmware navigate to System - > Firmware - > Firmware Upgrade Settings and select "Upgrade from file". Select "Choose File" and navigate to the location where the latest firmware is, select the latest firmware then click "Upgrade".

When performing firmware upgrade, kindly ensure that "Keep all settings" check box is ticked to avoid loss of device settings during firmware upgrade.

Once firmware upgrade has been successfully completed, kindly follow configuration instructions provided in the link below:

Warm regards