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by anonymous
Where can I buy the new TRB500 in Australia ?

Would like a price and lead time also.

What a magic replacement to Australia's knackered NBN Fixed wireless Broad band and will plug into an existing router in place of the NBN modem.

Freedom at last from this dysfunctional white elephant

2 Answers

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by anonymous


For questions related to sales and pricing, please contact your local Teltonika representative. You can find the contacts by scrolling down this page and selecting your region.

Best regards,

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by anonymous
I tried that,
                    Filled out the web form, went through the captcha process clicked send only to be presented with the web form again but no error message as to what it doesn't like.

If it has sent it, it gives no indication that it has been received

I came to the community forum after I had tried the obvious and after trying to use things like Google street view to see if I could find a company name, likely an agent rather than Teltonika.

If anyone knows a direct email address for the Australian Agent - please tell me.