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I am trying to set up the automatic emailing of a CSV file.  The device generates the file and emails it via an smtp server using port 465.  When this is connected to the internet via my home broadband router all works correctly and the email is sent along with the attachment.

When I connect the RUT500, the connection to the mail server is lost and the emails are not sent.

I have set up a rule to allow traffic on the port:

I have also set up port forwarding in both directions:

Why won't the router pass two-way traffic on this port?

I can access the router and connected device externally using the public IP so know that the SIM is active and data is allowed IN, but it doesn't seem to allow data OUT.

Thank you

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by anonymous

As I understand you have connected device to RUT500 which send emails?

If yes, then reset router to default settings and after that reconfigure only your internet settings (mobile or wired wan). Router by itself do not block outgoing ports, so should be enough to provide internet access to your connected device.