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by anonymous


we have a RUT955 at a remote location that is often unable to connect to the mobile network. The events shown are

>656	2022-09-07 02:15:11	Mobile Data	Mobile data disconnected
>655	2022-09-06 02:16:26	Mobile Data	Mobile data connected: N/A
>653	2022-09-06 02:15:09	Mobile Data	Mobile data disconnected
>652	2022-09-05 02:16:26	Mobile Data	Mobile data connected: N/A
>651	2022-09-05 02:15:08	Mobile Data	Mobile data disconnected
>650	2022-09-04 02:16:25	Mobile Data	Mobile data connected: N/A
>649	2022-09-04 02:15:09	Mobile Data	Mobile data disconnected

Then every other day (after daily reboot) the device is able to connect to a "real" provider.

Adding a modem reset via ping reboot did not help: The connection is reset every 15 minutes, but never succeeds (same "Mobile data connected: N/A" story as above) - until the daily reboot.

Doing a reboot instead of a modem reset is not really an option as we must not interrupt the LAN.

The connection is actually OK (when it works), even though RSRP is -118 (the other indicators are looking ok). It is a roamed connection by the way. Firmware version is 06.08.5.

Are there any options to fix this behaviour? I am thinking about setting the operator whitelist to the operator shown when the connection actually works, as well as setting the service mode to 2G+3G, but I need to be sure that the router will not be permanently locked down by this.

Regarding the usual firmware update recommendation: This can only be performed when someone is on-site, which will take some time, but maybe this is a known issue?


by anonymous

From the logs, it does not look like any specific issue, connection itself is stable during the logged period. I am only assuming, but based on the fact that some days disconnects are more frequent and on others it is only the periodic reboot, I wonder what are the weather conditions during those worse days, as it might have an impact on already quite low signal quality. 

It is difficult to recommend any connection configuration changes without the risk of loosing the connectivity or a physical access to the device. The first thing would be to try to improve the signal quality by either changing router's location or attaching an external antenna. You could then try to experiment with manual frequency band setting. The other option, as proposed, is to limit access technology to 2G, if provided throughput is acceptable.

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by anonymous


The reasons for mobile disconnects are various. For this, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration > Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Files are private and visible only to Teltonika Moderators.

Firmware update can be performed remotely if you have access to the device, or by RMS, and is a usually recommended starting point, however, there is no guarantee, that you will not loose access to the device.

One of the things you can also check is if the APN value the router has is the correct one.

Best regards,

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by anonymous
I aggree that the signal quality should be improved and I will check on this.

I am not sure about restricting the frequency band: Is this rule not applied after a successful connection has been established to the provider? Doing so for GSM would probably be the same as limiting the connection type to 2G - which is not a good solution and 3G is not available. For LTE I will have to check with a successful LTE connection.

Nonetheless my concern remains that the router (or modem) seems not to be able to recover from "invalid" connections - i.e. with "Network Type: Unknown" and "Mobile data connected: N/A" and without ever connecting to a provider - even by resetting the modem. Why is a connection even "established" with an unknown network type?

As a successful connection can apparantly only be established after the reboot (if a previous connection was in the aforementioned invalid status), I think we can rule out any weather conditions or bad signal strengths. Even if the signal was bad, a connection should be possible at some time during the day, and not only directly after a reboot. But the modem seems to stick to the "unknown" network type though.

I assume that the ping reboot's "Restart mobile connection" or "(Re)register" actions wouldn't help either, as the "Modem restart" should be the most impactful action besides a reboot, correct?