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by anonymous
Hello, I own a RUT240 with product code RUT24000XXXX and fw version RUT2_R_00.07.02.6.
I have installed the ModBus Slave package and I am using it to retrieve connection data to send to an MQTT server and show them on a dashboard.
I have 3 questions:

- how can I retrieve the register 204 current status?
- is there on the web interface an equivalent setting as the register 204?
- is there on the ModBus registers an equivalent to the data connection status (connected/disconnected)?

Thank you in advance for your kind availability

2 Answers

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by anonymous
Alright, thank you for the additional information.
Much appreciated.
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by anonymous
You are welcome!

If you do not have any further questions regarding this matter, please consider selecting the answer as the best answer.

Kind regards,

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd Support.

Please find the responses below:

1. How can I retrieve the register current 204 status?
Currently there is no way to read the current status of register address 204.
Further details of registers that can be read or written to on RUT240 routers could be found by following the link below:

2. Is there on the web interface an equivalent setting as the register 204?
The closest would be to be use "Request Configuration" section under "Modbus TCP Master" settings to create requests to write to the register.
Please ensure that Modbus TCP Master and Modbus TCP Slave Packages are installed on the RUT240 device and that Modbus TCP Slave is enabled. Below are the steps to be followed:
a) Access the router's WebUI and navigate to Modbus - > Modbus TCP Master and add a "Modbus TCP Slave" device.
b) Enable the Modbus TCP Slave set its name, ID, IP address (in this case the LAN IP address for the RUT240), port, period and timeout.
c) Add a "New Request" under "Request Configuration" and select "Set single holding register (6)" under function.
d) Enter the First Register Number as "205" and "1" to "enable mobile data connection" or "0" to "disable mobile data connection"
e) Click "Save & Apply" to apply the changes.
e) To test the write operation, select the Modbus TCP Slave and click "Edit"
f) Navigate to "Request Configuration Testing", select the request name under "Requests" drop down menu and click "Test" to write to the register. A "Write request sent successfully" message should be displayed upon successful operation as shown in the screenshot below:

3. Is there on the ModBus registers an equivalent to the data connection status (connected/disconnected)?
On Modbus registers, the closest is only an option to "Switch mobile data connection (ON/OFF)" by using register address 204. Kindly refer to the screenshot below.

However on the WebUI, the "data connection status" could be viewed by navigating to Status - > Overview - > Modem and checking the "Data Connection" state as shown in the screenshot below.

Alternatively the data connection status could be viewed by accessing the WebUI and navigating to Status - > Network - > Mobile and check the "Data connection state" as shown below.

Warm regards,


by anonymous
Thank you for your answer Wesley, much appreciated.
Maybe I have misworded the second an third point:

- 2. I was meaning if there is a webui menu option that performs the same enable/disable mobile as the 204 register does. This directly on the webui without using ModBus obviously.

- 3. I know that from overview I can see the connection status, but as stated I am using a dashboard and would like to have the connection status shown on the dashboard without having to login to the webui and checking the overview. My aim is to enable/disable the data connection by means of ModBus (it is a button on the dashboard) and show immediately the change of connection status on the dashboard itself. Since that register is not readable, how can I have feedback that the operation has been performed succesfully?

I hope to have been able to express my aims
by anonymous


Thank you for the feedback.

2. It is possible to enable/disable mobile data connection using the router's WebUI. To enable/disable mobile data connection, access the router's WebUI and navigate to Network - > Interfaces and toggle the "Off/On" button of the mobile interface (MOB1S1A1) to turn "Off" and "On" the mobile data connection as shown in the screenshot below. Please ensure that you click "Save & Apply" to apply the changes.


Further details on how to disable mobile data connection could be found by using the link below:

It is important to note that, when mobile data connection has been disabled, the router's SMS Utilities will remain operational hence it will still be possible to use SMS Utilities to perform certain actions on the router. Kindly follow the link below for further details on SMS Utilities:

3. To view the mobile data connection status using the CLI, you could use the command "gsmctl -j". For further details on "gsmctl" commands, kindly refer to the link below:

To enable /disable mobile data connection, you could use the following Modbus commands on CLI, however you need to ensure that you have set your RUT240 device as both a Modbus TCP Master and Modbus TCP Slave. The command to be executed on the Modbus TCP Master's CLI (RUT240 router) in order to enable/disable mobile data connectivity using :


Where IP - Modbus TCP Slave IP address, PORT - Modbus TCP Slave Port, TIMEOUT - Maximum response wait time, SLAVE_ID - Modbus Slave ID, FUNCTION - Modbus function used for the request, REG_ADDRESS - Modbus Slave's register address, REG_COUNT/VALUE - Number of registers to be read from/ the value of to written into the register, DATA_TYPE - Defines how data will be stored and NO_BRACKETS - Removes the starting and ending brackets from the request (only for read requests).

If your device is connected to Teltonika RMS platform, you could utilize the "Execute command for a device" to execute the above commands to enable/disable mobile data connection using Modbus and "Get all devices" to get the mobile data connection status by making use of Teltonika RMS API. For more details on Teltonika RMS API examples and documentation, kindly refer to the links provided below:

It is also possible to use MQTT to enable/disable mobile data connection using ModBus TCP and the following link provides a configuration example for reference purposes:

Warm regards,