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by anonymous


I have seting up a RUT240 and connected to 4G only not any WAN connection

I trying to reach port 5000 that is on a small embedded Server listening on the Wfi connection  on port 5000

In Port forward i go with Source Zone "wan" and external port 5000 to Internal Zon lan including WiFi 

Internal adress is internal port 5000 and it is Enabled , I have also open up all accept on general settings and I have a traffic rule that was already in the table Allow-passthrough-traffic enabled 

I have even tried to put the server IP on DMZ host adress 

But I cannot reach the server on port 500 from outside 4G net 

I wonder how the RUT240 4G  connection works regaring Zone is 4G connection treated the same as WAN 

So Zone WAN is also the 4G internet ,  I think I also need to check with my ISP if they blocking ports on their 4G net   


by anonymous
A follow up on this after I updated the Firmware to RUT2_R_00.07.02.6  

I saw that mobile interface has its own name so you can choose between WAN and MOBnet  and that explains the question I had

I aslo saw after I got DDNS to work , I got an internal IP 10.xx.xx from the Internet supplier that the Mobile interface has picked up

and that number routs to a new public iP probably on the INS supplier side, so I think the problem with Port Forward is on the INS side not mine, i will have a talk to them next week.


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by anonymous

Without a public IP neither port forwarding, nor DDNS will work.

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