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by anonymous

I think it would be a really good idea that the power connector should be supported in more than just it's own soldering to the motherboard....

I expected more from a product and manufacturer (and price) that is making its name of being "tough".... - this is simply NOT ok quality, This is my second RUTX12 broken in the exactly same way... and they have given me "hell" with random issues along the way... with spontanious reboots and malfunctions... this has probably been root cause all the time.

by anonymous
I have had this exact issue, my application is static and the unit is fixed in place in a vehicle.

This is a fundamental design flaw for a 'rugged' product that is supposedly designed for mobile applications!

The many glitches and reboots that i have had to do to bring the device back online have likely contributed to the power port snapping, but not sure how that can be avoided when they randomly brick regularly

Ironically this just happened whilst I was trying to revive the unit from the bootloader menu as the unit had bricked itself whilst in use

FYI I think they're way over priced for the build quality and stability they provide

Maybe the stability issue has been linked to the power connections becoming loose as you say, but mine has always got extremely hot, even in the UK

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting us.

It is unfortunate to hear that you had unsatisfactory experience with Teltonika devices.

Could you provide more details about your use case and the environment the device operates in?

Your feedback will be forwarded to the development team to consider future improvements.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Yes - very unfortunate with the additional issue that the seconday modem has much less signal quality .... as reported separately some year ago.

I move these a lot between multiple locations, they used in normal office and home environments, but gets moved and plugged in and out a lot, and their placement differs from time to time (wherever it can be placed), I iam in Spain so it's not uncommon with room temperatures over ~30 degrees.- device gets VERY hot (can be part of the problem too)

it's clearly a flaw either in the soldering in my two units (defective), or these very small soldering points are just not enough to take the pressure from being plugged in and out repeatedly (multiple times per month) - the nature of the plug (it requires more force than most power plugs in this size with the 4 connectors - can be part of the problem)

Imho. The prefered improvment is something that holds the receiving end with some addtional mounting rather than just the electrical soldering points, I will let some local electronic guy fix these for me (they both need repair anyway) with some additional "hack" to make them futureproof.
by anonymous
Both are resoldered now and operational.
by anonymous
Would it be possible to get serial numbers of the problematic devices for the internal investigation at the manufacturing facility?
by anonymous