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I have installed a RUT955 in an edge device. The auto reboot is configured as follows:

  • Ping reboot: Restart mobile connection (see attachment)
  • Periodic reboot: Every sunday on 23:42 (see attachment)

Last week, the mobile connection was disconnected (see Log1.png in attachment). I don't know why we lost the connection but we can assume that the signal strength remained the same as it was before.

As far as I understood, the ping reboot action should be triggered when a connection loss is detected. Unfortunatelly the network connection couldn't be re-established. A look at the logs suggests the suspicion that the ping reboot action was never triggered (see Log3.png in attachment). When the periodic reboot was performed, the network connection could be re-established. (see Log2.png in attachment)

Why is the ping reboot action not executed?

Is there a more detailed description of the available actions? I checked RUT955 Auto Reboot - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( but the information about the actions is a bit thin.

My first intenion is to set "Device reboot" as the action for ping reboot, since it has worked in my case. What would you recommend? Is there any disadvantage when setting device reboot as the action?

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by anonymous

Instead of restarting mobile connection, select to restart the modem.

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by anonymous

what is the difference between modem reboot and device reboot? Should I find the trigger of the ping reboot action somewhere in the logs? I'm afraid the action was never triggered even if there was no connection.

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by anonymous
Device reboot restarts router completely, while modem reboot restarts only the module. It is faster and leaves the rest of the device operational.

If you have not enabled to save logs in the flash memory, they are deleted after each router reboot.
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by anonymous
Can you share you ping_reboot configuration (uci show ping_reboot)? I´m using ping_reboot too and It´s working.