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by anonymous
I've got a wireguard tunnel working to route all my traffic over a tunnel, however I'm having to add an explicit route in the routing table to indicate that the wireguard server that I connect to should be routed through the nat gateway my router is connected to. I've set allowed ips to ``, `` and ``

Thanks for any ideas

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Logic, access to the wireguard server itself cannot go through the tunnel it must be processed via a higher priority route. And you can set Allowed IPs to +, is redundant and may cause routing issues.

by anonymous
Right! What I was looking for was a way to have that route to the gateway be roamable.

For example when I'm connected to the WiFi I have an explicit route for the WireGuard server using the gateway I get over WiFi something like: ` via dev wlan1` but what I would prefer is to be able to route the WireGuard traffic without having to know the upstream gateway, that way when the router switches from 4G to WiFi and back I don't have to have a hotplug event to correctly set the route
by anonymous

a hotplug event to correctly set the route

How did you do that ? /etc/mwan3.user ? /etc/hotplug.d/18-wireguard ?