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by anonymous
Hi guys,

I have a couple of TRB245 monitoring water pumps and want to connect them via UPS's and when there is a power failure for some reason I would like to be able to send an SMS that the power is lost.

1. Can I use a standard UPS and use the IO juggler to pick up on that the water pumps is off the power grid? Is it possible?

2. Should I use the BAT120 for this and connect the output wires to correct port on the TRB245 and then use the IO juggler on that input port?



1 Answer

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by anonymous


There is no direct solution by Teltonika. 

I assume you could try to use I/O juggler. However, you would probably need to use some script in the background measuring analogue voltage of a power supply and triggering input state change below a certain threshold. This that trigger then can be configured to send an SMS. 

I also suggest to check NUT package, which can be installed on the device using commands opkg update and opkg install nut.

Best regards,