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by anonymous
My RUTRX1 shows all time "Failed to send message SMS Limit was reached"

Any idea what i have to do ...  

i get no status messages, nothing

SMS Limit is switched to off

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Kindly check the SIM card messages' possibility, this issue might be accrued from the SIM card itself.

by anonymous
It worked perfectly until a few days ago and then suddenly it stopped working. If I take out the SIM card and put it in a mobile phone, everything works, I can send and receive text messages
by anonymous

Kindly try going to Services --> Mobile Utilities --> Messages --> Send Message tab, and try to send a message and see if it's possible.

by anonymous

Thats where i got all time the same message: 
"Failed to send message SMS Limit was reached"

by anonymous
Check the SIM card is in the right slot and the SIM is chosen as the default SIM
by anonymous

it is in the first slot, is activ as default - As I said, everything went without problems and then suddenly it didn't anymore. All other functions also work, it builds up a clean connection and keeps it. only the sms function no longer works

by anonymous
Kindly share the troubleshooting file with me.