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by anonymous
Would connecting just one outdoor antenna have any benefit over using the two standard antenna’s?

The RUT950 is inside a steel boat and mobile reception is poor. Placing an antenna outside is difficult, but there is already one antenna cable which was intended for WiFi connection to the marina, but the router has severe problems serving as an AP and client at the same time. Let’s forget about that, but the cable could be used to connect a 4G antenna to the router. Would this improve mobile bandwidth?
by anonymous
This is also an interesting question for me. I also want to set on the roof as less antennas as possible.

Q1: Does it make sense to set only one 4g antenna out? It would make no sense, if one is for RX  and the other for TX. For me a long range is more important than speed.

Q2: The similar question on the Wifi antennas: If i want to extend the range of the marina wifi to the inside, which of the two antenna should be set out?
by anonymous

Hello @unox,


In your case, it would be best to use a combo antenna like this. Using only one antenna might be okay, however, two antennas can perform much better in places where the reception might not be as good.
Options like our Combo roof antenna would also work here and are quite stealthy, however, as it has a lower gain it might not perform as well in your application.

If these antennas are not an option, then I'd recommend leaving two LTE antennas inside, and placing the WiFi antenna outside, as it would most likely benefit more from this.


Best regards,

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by anonymous
Good afternoon.

Thank you for your


Please specify what type of connector is used on your external antenna. Since on the RUT950 side, a SMA Male connector is used for Wi-Fi, and an SMA Female connector is used for mobile connection.

Thank you.
by anonymous
Although not ideal, that could be fixed with an adapter like:

But would it benefit reception of 4G signal? And again: I'm only using the cable which is already routed through the boat but will use a suitable outdoor 4G antenna. So in that situation there will be one original Teltonika antenna directly on the router and the second connection will be an outdoor antenna in the mast of the boat.
by anonymous
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, antenna interconnection should help. In this case, you must connect an external antenna to the main mobile interface. And try to take the measurement again.

Additionally, the losses on the adapters can reach 0.1-0.2db.

Thank you.