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by anonymous

I am using RUT955 with the FW: RUT9_R_00.07.02.7. For my use case I must have reliable communicate with the device attached to RS232 port of the RUT955 device. In order to test it ,I have connected RUT955 RS232 port to an USB to RS232 converter and am sending data from PCs terminal program (Teraterm). At the same time I have started TCP client (Hercules). on the PC. When I send the data from TCP Client (Hercules) i receive all data but in case that I sent the data from the PCs terminal, only part of the data has been received on the TCP client.  I have checked what is RUT955 receiving on its serial port (cat /dev/ttyACM0) and all data have been always properly received on the serial port but it is not forwarded to TCP Client. A you can see on the screenshots data sent from Hercules (11111111111111111111) has been properly received on the the PCs terminal but whole data sent from PCs terminal (00000000000000000000) is not reaching TCP Client.   

Can you please validate this behavior and let me know how to solve it. Thank you!

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by anonymous


I have tried your setup and settings, but the data was sent and received correctly.

Could you try checking the settings of the TeraTerm in Setup -> Serial port if the settings match of the RS232 configuration?

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you for the fast answer. Settings of the serial port on Teraterm are the same as for RS232 configuration.

I also checked with the Realterm and have exactly same behavior.

As already mentioned I see that full data is actually delivered to RUT955 RS232 (cat /dev/ttyACM0). One additional thing I observed is when I type the text on the terminal on Hercules side there are pauses in the communication which is strange. Maybe there is some issue with Hercules. Can you recommend me some other TCP utility which I can use for testing? Thank you!

Best regards,


Update 21. 09. 2022

I did further testing yesterday and today. In order to check if the data is properly received on RUT955 I installed screen and minicom terminal programs. If I connect the to ttyACM0 I get exactly the same behavior as on Hercules - data sent from USB/Serial terminal is not properly received and some data is missing. Sending data to opposite direction is working fine.  I have exactly same behavior on both terminal programs (screen and minicom). On the other side In case that I check what is on serial port with  cat /dev/ttyACM0 I see that whole data has been properly received. Do you have some idea what could be the issue here?