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by anonymous

I am using a RUTX09 with a SIM connected to either a Draytek Vigor 2862 or a Watchguard T40 to create a SSL-VPN (BOVPN).

I am in the UK using a standard EE sim with a dynamic IP address.

With both the watchguard and the draytek the tunnel will build, but some things do not work – accessing some internal websites for instance even though I can ping and tracert to the server.

If I put the sim from the RUTX09 directly into the Draytek the tunnel will build and everything works perfectly.

The watchguard does not have a modem so I want to use the RUTX09 as a sim based modem for this.  If I use the Draytek as a modem in bridge mode connected to the watchguard, the tunnel will build and everything works as it should.

I have tried using the RUTX09 in NAT, Bridge and Passthrough and the problem remains with both the watchguard and draytek.

Thank you.

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by anonymous

What firmware is the router using?

Could you factory reset the device and reconfigure?

Does the RUT acquire the same APN as the Draytek? Could you try to manually set custom APN value, based on the Draytek?

Is there anything specific, different about the websites you are not able to access?

Does the issue occur if SIM from another provider is used?

Best regards,