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by anonymous

We have 2 RTU240's.  One is set up as a client, the other is set up as a server.  We are using a TAP connection as all our devices have the same subnet, so it keeps it simple.  We are using TLS for Authentication.

From the client, I can ping all the end-points (various device types) that are on the servers LAN.  However, from the server i cannot ping the end point that is connected to the client (Windows PC).  I can ping the client router though just not the end point.

Looking at the documentation, it seems as though you have to set TLS clients, however on a TAP connection this option is not available.  Only when I change to Tunnel is this available.

Can anyone advise how I can get my server to talk to endpoints that are on my clients LAN?


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by anonymous


It seems to indicate firewall issues.

I suggest to check the firewall rules and zones as suggested in this thread:

Here are the rules to try, required by OpenVPN configuration:

Other than that, it would be helpful if you could provide troubleshoot files from both routers after the tunnel is established between them.

Best regards,

by anonymous
I do not want to use a tunnel, I want to use TAP as everything has the same subnet.

Using TAP I cannot set up TLS client as per the documentation as these fields are not available using TAP.

All firewall settings are correct and set to "Accept".

Please can you advise how I can set the TLS clients on the server using TAP.