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by anonymous

Hi, I'm tying to setup an SFTP session to my RUTX11 via the RMS platform. As authentication popup I get my registered email address. The message is then "Server refused authentication". Even if I try to logon with "admin" or "root" I get the same error.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

By default, none of our devices have SFTP servers on them and his has to be installed and configured separately
by anonymous
Hi Paulius,

Thanks for your fast answer.

If the device has no SFTP standard, why have an SFTP menu entry in RMS?

I've read about installing a small FTP server on the RUTX11. If I do (and which one would you recommend) how do I then link that to the SFTP option on the RMS menu? How does the RUTX11 know to call that particular FTP subsystem?

Thx, Simon
by anonymous
This feature is mostly for devices with SFTP server running that are connected to Teltonika devices.

Our devices are no much of SFTP server themselves due to lack of memory available on them (in the megabytes).