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by anonymous
Hi guys,

I‘m using a RUTX11 with a single (T-Mobile SIM in slot 1 from Germany).

It is a multi-sim but it has unlimited data in Germany and 50GB when roaming in the EU.

„Deny roaming“ is DISABLED in the webui so it should allow roaming.

But I noticed when I was traveling from Germany through Austria to Italy last week (and same on the way back), that shortly after I crossed a border that I lost cellular connection.

After some debugging I rebooted the RUTX11 and after that, it picked up cellular connection again.

This happend every time I crossed a country border on both ways (from and to Italy).

So I‘m wondering if this is a bug or I‘m doing something wrong.

But I expected to have a seamless roaming experience without loosing cellular connection.

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by anonymous


Which firmware version is you device using?

You could try to configure an Auto reboot of the modem module in case of the disconnect instead of restarting the device. To do so, in the WebUI navigate to Services -> Auto reboot -> Ping/Wget reboot and add a new instance with Action set to Modem reboot.

It would be more helpful if, after the next similar occurrence, you would generate a troubleshoot file. At the moment, it is difficult to estimate, the logs in the file would reveal more details. 

To generate the file, access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration > Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Up until today, I was running the second to last firmware. I upgraded today to the lastest firmware available on the server.

Since I`m not traveling that often outside of Germany with my van atm, I didn`t even had a notebook with me.

So pulling additional logfiles with a smartphone wasn`t really an option. But I keep that in mind for the next trip.

How do I setup an auto reboot of the modem module?

If you have any guidance on that, I`m happy to try and set this up asap.
by anonymous

which parameters are useful for this Auto reboot?



Try count:

Host: 8888 ?