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by anonymous
Hello all,

We have a RUT240 4G Router that seems to be continuously rebooting. Plugged in to mains power, lights come on, but then enter a loop of LAN/WAN switching off, then signal strength lights switch off, then all back on and repeat. I can't see any WIFI network being offered and it gets very hot.

We did plug in 48v PoE by accident, but I feel like if that was the culprit then the device wouldn't power on at all via mains power? Can anyone confirm this?

by anonymous
Depending on the type of the PoE injector it was possible to damage the router, as its supply voltage upper limit is 30V. As suggested in the answer below, try the bootloader menu recovery. If that has no effect, some internal circuitry is likely to be damaged.

Best regards,

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by anonymous

Hi Spatula,

I can't confirm if 48v PoE would kill the device or not (In my experience PoE switches check before injecting a device with power), but we've had a small number that sound like they were in the same situation as what you have, and the solution was to recover them using the 'Bootloader Recovery' option. It's the last option on this page:



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by anonymous
Thank you both very much for the helpful comments. Although the device seems to take the reset well, unfortunately after about 15 seconds it returns to the endless rebooting, so I think it's probably dead.

I'd really appreciate if Teltonika would write somewhere on the product or indeed anywhere in the materials supplied with the unit that it isn't compatible with all PoE. There are specs for the mains power adapter input, but no mention of any restriction on PoE - really frustrating.

If anyone needs any spares for their RUT240, let me know!

Thanks again for your assistance!