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Could you provide more details on the issue?

Are you not able to access the RUT or devices behind RUT over RMS?

Could you try to update VPN HUB clients configuration and certificates and then restart the HUB?

Another option would be to try to create a new HUB.

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I've setup the RUTX08 following the tube video about connecting a Unitronics PLC, I don't have that PLC, but our has the Ethernet port and can be programmed in the same way.

  • Had a problem #1 the WAN tunnel wasn't on the right I'm I setup tunnel to and, connecting locally on DHCP I was given and address starting with 192.168.20.xx which was obviously different. So I setup a new HUB
  • Having a problem #2 I have the RUTX08 disconnected and powered OF, but the OPENvpn client shows the unit connected
  • I tried several times to clear the HUB and make a new one but the outcome is the same.
  • I have a problem #3 which might be due to the first 2 as I cannot ping or connect to any unit RUTX08 or PLC if the connection is on the RMS, while I can connect and program the PLC if I connect to the RUTX08 locally, which means now the WAN tunnel is working with the right IP.
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Hello again,

I still don't have an answer from you, I've deleted the old VPN HB and created a new one following the UNITRONICS PLC video, downloaded sw to create a new OPENVpn connection but still the same problem.

No connection with the PLC and the OPENVpn profile is ON even when I power off the RUTX08.

Could you please fix the problem or let me know what else I should try or what might be wrong?

Thank you
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Please send the company name of you RMS account and the name of the hub in a private message.