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by anonymous

I am trying to use my RUT 240 to extend the WiFi Signal in my house. I want to connect to a non-Teltonika Router via WLAN and repeat that Signal. Can the RUT240 connect to a Router via WiFi and offer a WiFi Signal?

1: I followed the instructions in this video:

2: I also followed the instructions found here:

However, when all is the setup I cannot get the RUT240 to deliver an IP Address.

What network should the Access Point connect to and why? WWAN or LAN?

I am thinking I need to use the Signal from the Router (WWAN), put it in the first place, and set up a relay to pull IP addresses from the Router IP, which is connected to the internet.

In the end, I am simply trying to extend the WiFi so that all devices are on the same network.

I want to achieve the following: Connect RUT240 to Router and use it for internet access via WWAN. I want all devices connected to the RUT to be in the same network as the devices of the Router. So I am trying to use relayd for that. Where I'm making a mistake is the choice of network I think. To my understanding the Access Point I create has to connect to the WWAN i create when setting up the RUT as a client.

Where am I going wrong?

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by anonymous


RUT240 should connect to the SSID of the non - Teltonika router, as in this case the RUT router has to act as a client station to non - Teltonika router. This is what is shown in the youtube video. The thing to note here is that the RUT router must be on a different LAN subnet, than the other router, which is also implied in the video, otherwise IP conflicts will occur. 

Also, the issue here is that other devices, connected to the RUT will receive IP addresses from RUT's DHCP pool and its subnet. To extend the LAN of the first router, you need to install Broadcast Relay on the RUT240, connect it to your router via WiFi and disable RUT240 DHCP server as shown in the instructions.

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Hello ZygimantasBliu,

Thank you for your input!

Yes the SSID part I got down.

You are correct, I'm trying to extend the Lan if the first router.

Under LAN interface DHCP Settings, I have the option to disable, enable and relay.

To extend the LAN of the first router I'd choose relay and enter the IP of the first router, right?

But then the LAN of the RUT240 is not in the same network as Router 1.

This is where I get confused.

Which networks should I extend the WWAN, LAN and access Point to?

Is the relay option what you meant, or can broadcast relay be installed separately? If so, how? :-)

Thanks again!
by anonymous

To extend the LAN of the first router I'd choose relay and enter the IP of the first router, right?

Incorrect. Choose Disable instead of Relay.

You have to install the package. It can be done by going to Services -> Package manager -> Packages or you can download from Packages page for you firmware version and upload it. When the package is installed, in the same LAN configuration window you will have a section called Relay configuration. Set slider button to Enabled and select client station wireless interface.

by anonymous
Oh man,

Thank you! Seriously, so much headache could've been spared.

How can I thank you? Can I send you a few sats (BTC) in return for your expertise?

You really helped me out here. I don't know why, when I googled all this, I did not come across the package manager.