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by anonymous
Hi, I have a new TBR142. Firmware is TRB1_R_00.07.02.7.

Problem is that the TRB142 doesn't connect to a remote server. The rs232 line seems to work as the TRB responds with a "RDY" when powered up.


System: a serial device is connected to the TRB142 rs232. It sends a text string (60 bytes ascii) asyncronously to the TRB142 approximately every 10 second. The TRB142 shall then transfer the text string to a remote web server on the fly.

I have configured the TRB as follows (on the RS232 config page)

enabled, baud: 115200, databit: 8, Parity: none, Stop bit: 1, Flow control: none, Serial type: OVER IP, Protocol: TCP,  Raw mode: ON, Mode = CLIENT, Server address = www....... (our server address), Port = xxxx. (port used by server). The rest in the config page is empty and not filled in.

I have many hundreds of Cinterion GSM modems connected to the same web server which works beautifully so the problem is not on the server side, it's on the TRB142 side. What to do? Have I missed something in the configuration?

best reg /m

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by anonymous


I have simulated a similar setup using Hercules:, but the data transfer was successful to a remote server. Could you double check the Server address and the port are correctly?

Could you install tcpdump (with commands opkg update and opkg install tcpdump or via Package manager in the WebUI) and check if any data is transferred via the interface the gateway connects to the server. The command should be similar to:

  • tcpdump -i <interface_name> port <port_number>

Best regards,  

Best regards

by anonymous
We eventually got the TRB to connect with the server "Over IP". Downside it that it "eats" many GBytes (approx 1-10 Gb per month) which adds cost for the SIM.