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by anonymous
RMS improve alerting features:

1) We would like to set thresholds in RMS alerting feature. For example we would like to receive only alerts if the router is down for 15min. At the moment we receive the alerts immediately and foolding your mailbox.

2.) Configuration of the alerts is a pain. The usebility should be improved.

BR; Tifoso

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

Regarding the alerts improvement, the feature has already been suggested and should be implemented sometime in the future, however, no timelines are set.

As for the alerts configuration, could you specify possible improvements?

Best regards,
by anonymous

alerts configuration request:

Changing existing configurations is very time consuming. For example I have device with existing alert configuration and would like to change the config within a bulk. First I have to find out which devices has already a configuration and then select them one per one. and  delete or add new alert configurations. At the moment we have about 300 devices in the RMS and lost the control about the alert configuration.


  • Overall search alert configuration should be possible
  • Dashboard with the alerts could be helpfull
  • Alerts history could be also helpfull (overall devices)

by anonymous

edit existing alerts would be very important for us.

do you have news about alert settings (thresholds) in RMS?