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by anonymous
Hey, I was in several foreign contries for the past few weeks, but I'm back in my home country now.

I had some issues with connecting to other networks on roaming while in roaming. I was using "auto APN" all the time. My provider at home is vodafone and it was always no problem to connect to vodafone in other countries. But if vodafone wasn't available or connection poor I tried to connect to other network operators, but it always failed either with "timeout" or with "access denied" (or something similar). And it also never used another provider on its own, I just had "no network" if vodafone wasn't available.

Another issue was that it often took several hours after crossing the border till it worked in the new countrys network. Sometimes I had to manually reboot the modem. I thought that it should work more easily after not more then some minutes.

The last question is how to set it up correctly, so it only uses SIM2 for roaming and automatically switch back to SIM1 when this one is no longer in roaming. I set it up the following:

SIM1 to SIM2 - on roaming

SIM2 to SIM1 - switch back to primary SIM card after timeout (but I wasn't really sure if the timeout is minutes?)

and if it would then try to always switch back to SIM1, lose connection and this every several minutes? or would it check in background if SIM1 is still "on roaming" an therefore keep SIM2 connected the whole time? Or is there a completely different way to set this up correctly.

Thanks for any help and don't hesitate to ask me, if you need additional information and I'll try to provide everything necessary.

Greetings, David

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by anonymous

What is the firmware your device has installed?

In cases of such disconnects or devices unable to connect, a troubleshoot file from the router would be very helpful, as now it is difficult to estimate possible issues. Is your SIM capable to connect to several operators? Does the Auto APN acquire correct APN? What regions/countries did you travel in?

Keep in mind that operator selection is only available for the primary SIM card. In order to specify an operator for the other SIM card, it must first be selected as the Primary SIM in the SIM card settings section.

SIM switch from secondary to primary is possible only after a timeout, which is measured in minutes. Once the timeout is reached, the SIM switch occurs and switch to the secondary SIM happens again if the configured conditions are met. There is no background check whether SIM1 is still “on roaming“ as the router has only one modem.

Best regards,