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by anonymous
In our applications, we will use many hundreds of TRB142's to send sensor data to webservers over ftp every hour. We'll use the TRB in modem mode for that and use AT-commands to contorl it. Pro with modem mode is that we have full control over how many Mbyte is used per month (i.e. cost for SIM cards) whereas mode "over IP" easily eats many GB-range per month.

Con with modem mode ( as I understand it) is that your Remote Manager System (RMS) can only be used in "Over IP" mode. I can see situations where we now and then would like to switch mode of operation to "Over IP", for instance to access the TRB with the RMS. Are the any ways to do this switch remotely, e.g by having a serial controller to issue a script that resets the trb142 and instructs it to become a client Over IP, and later on go back to modem mode?
by anonymous
In response to above I did some more test today and it seems that partial control is the way to go if one wants to be able to reconfigurate the TRB142 "on the fly". The RMS - REMOTE HTTP(S) service does the trick. It opens the TRB's Web interface from which all changes can be made. Very nice.

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by anonymous

Could you clarify, what do you want to use RMS for?

In general, as long as the gateway is connected to the internet, you should have no problem to access the router via RMS.

Best regards,
by anonymous
The RMS works if the gateway is set up as a modem, partial mode, or as OVER IP. But RMS does not work it the gateway is setup as a modem, full control. I find RMS nice to have if one wants to monitor the gateway or change the gateway setup remotely. But RMS is not bugfree - example: I've used RMS to remotely connect to the gateway and send text messages. It works 99% of the times, but sometimes a really ugly crash happens which freezes the TRB. Only rescue seems to be to turn power off, then on. Not so perfect if the modem is 500 miles away. For that and other reasons, we have decided to use TRB142 only in modem mode with full control, (essentially only AT-commands). Seems to be very robust and without surprises.