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by anonymous
There seems to be a problem with „Auto APN“ in the software versions RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.1 and 09.02.

There will be a short connection: „Joined 4G LTE“ -> 55 sec later „Mobile Data disconnected“ -> 55 sec later „Joined 4G LTE“. And so on.

A downgrade to 06.08.06 will fix it. Manually choosing the APN will fix it.

I tried with 2 different RUT955 *7V*** in default config, 2 different German T-Mobile cards and 1 German Vodafone card.
The problem is the same. In both SIM slots.

Unfortunately „Auto APN“ is activated in the default config. So your RUT955 will go offline after updating remotely…

Please fix that. Thank you.

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by anonymous


Currently, Legacy WebUI firmware mostly receives critical security updates and adds support for hardware changes. Otherwise, it is suggested to stay on 6.08.06 or update with Keep settings enabled to maintain configuration.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thanks - but updating the firmware with ‚keep settings‘ will kill your mobile connection.

So if you‘ve done this remotely, you have to drive to your routers location to fix it.

So its NOT a feature request - just reporting a new bug that occurs first in 06.09.01

Best regards, Wolf