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by anonymous
I’d like to have a quick way of enabling a SIM On and off by simply rigging a switch to one of the 950 digital IO. Could this be done , or would I need to develop custom firmware.

The other is to use a tcpip switch that could send various commands to the 950 to enable disable the SIM  is there a TCP  or UPD command set , I find the documentation very confusing



2 Answers

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by anonymous

Thank you for your question,

1. It is possible to switch SIM by an action in I/O Juggler, simply configure an action of SIM switch type, and when I/O value triggers this action, SIM switch will happen. More on that here:

2. Could you please clarify, what you mean by TCP/IP or UDP command set? Do you mean SSH or another protocol? It will be best if you give me an example.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask.

Sincerely, Justas.
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by anonymous


You could create a script to disable mobile interface with one of the commands below using I/O Juggler functionality:

  • /etc/init.d/gsmd disable
  • ifdown mob1s1a1

You could create different configuration profiles, where one has mobile interface enabled, the other disabled and toggle between them using I/O Juggler.

Mobile data can be disabled by using mobile utilities and sending an SMS to the router with a certain text. Profiles can also be changed with SMS.

Another method is to use MODBUS commands to disable mobile data:

Best regards,