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by anonymous
The docs are very confusing

What methods are open to me to communicate from a  microcontroller connected to the WiFi. I bet Rest and JSON ,  but the summary of all the JSON commands to see what I can control doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

I see mod bus can be used but again can I switch active sims using it. I don’t see the complete register set documented anywhere

Are there any other options that allow a network device to easily control the 950. I’m considering building a simple remote control panel with a few key buttons and a small lcd display , any idea on the best simplest way of issuing commands and getting status. It must be a two way protocol , it’s a pity the MQTT is read only.

Any help or pointers as the 950 manusl is missing so much stuff


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by anonymous


The following link has all remote control and monitoring tools for RUT950 with links to further manual pages:

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by anonymous
But that link illustrates my point it tells you what’s available  but there no detail of the command structures , etc. it’s just a summary document.

For example where is the Jason-rpc stuff documented ie each command , same with mod bus
by anonymous



Since 7.2 JSON - RPC is enabled by default. Keep in mind that to obtain session ID you might need to use admin as a username instead of root.

by anonymous
Again the RPC section only gives summary info. Where is the comprehensive list of all the RPC options.