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I am in the process of installing a new router in my sailboat. I am often at anchor far from the base stations and then a good antenna that is placed high is important to get a good 4G signal. It will not be practically possible to run a 4x4 mimo antenna at the top of the mast 21 meters above deck. My question is whether I can run different antennas with different lengths on the router? Is it an ok solution to connect a 7db omni to the main antenna at the top of the mast and 3 smaller antennas with different gain inside the boat?

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Depending on the router you use, Most of Teltonika devices can operate on 4G perfectly fine, when a single antenna is attached to the connector marked as MAIN. The other, AUX connector, is used for additional signal processing to improve the received signal. A different gain antenna might be connected, but it will probably not improve the connection quality greatly. 

Regarding the length, as long as the input impedance is 50 Ω, it can be connected. In your case, if the cable length is actually 21 meters, you should consider a high quality, low loss coaxial cable, as the signal might be attenuated rather greatly over such a distance and diminish the gain provided by antenna.

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