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by anonymous
I have the Poynting OMNI-493 antenna mounted externally on my boat.
Can I use this antenna with the RUTX 50?
So the Poynting OMNI-493 together with 3 standard antennas mounted on the router.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

The frequency ranges supported by the Pointing antenna does cover frequencies required for the complete coverage of the operating bands of the RUTX50, including 5G. The thing to keep in mind is that RUTX50 utilizes MIMO technologies, for which, unlike with other Teltonika routers, all of the antennas are equally important to provide the best performance and fastest speeds.

Nevertheless, you can use this antenna with the aforementioned router.

Best regards,
by anonymous

A followup question if I may,

So if the OMNI-493 is the only antenna getting a signal I would still have a connection but not a fast one, right?

by anonymous
Since connection is more important than speed for me I recon going with a 4G router is a better choice, like the RUTX11

Thanks for your input.