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by anonymous


I have a RUTX12 as a core component for a mobile multicam video streaming setup.

I just recently experienced that the router goes somewhat "apatic". Last time I experienced it, the LAN and MOBS2A1 interfaces just went to status stopped and the only way to access the router was trough WIFI. This has happened 2 times now.

Logging in show that the interfaces where indeed in stopped state and I also experienced the RUTx admin page to hang when accessing different sub-pages on the menus. Checking logs state that "Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)" from time to time, which I also experience while working towards the router. But nothing regarding the lan interface in the log.

Solution is to either ssh and reboot or recycle the power to solve the problem.

The router is in a controlled environment (meaning no over-temp) and also been on UPS for power for reliability.

Im sensing that I might have a faulty unit and feel that I can not rely on the device. Especially as I cant read from the logs what went wrong. In a live stream scenario, this cant be allowed to happen.

Any ides or anyone experiencing the same thing?

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by anonymous


It might be due to failing hardware. However, a troubleshoot file is needed for more details.

Have you recently performed firmware update or made any configuration changes?

I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration > Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
I updated the firmware earlier today.

After that I again got an outage on the mobile interface. It went down and up again.

 I think this time it did not effect the LAN interface.

Attached a Troubleshoot acquisition.

Attached file to the case
by anonymous

There are a couple of instances where the modem becomes unresponsive.

You can try to perform modem module firmware update, the instructions are below. 

Before attempting the update, you need to connect your router a different WAN source, either wired or wireless. 

  • Access your device via SSH and execute the following commands:
    • opkg update
    • opkg install modem_updater
    • opkg install sshfs
    • modem_updater -g
  • The last command will list available firmware versions. Next modify the following command:
    • modem_updater -i <ID> -v <VERSION>
      • <ID> - should be 1-1, however, in case of an error you should be shown a correct ID.
      • <VERSION> - enter the latest firmware version from the list of the previously executed command, it should be EG12EAPAR01A11M4G.

If the issue persists, return the device for warranty repair.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Modem module firmware update solved the problem. Thanks!