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by anonymous
All my TRB145 and RUT955 stopped to reply the "Status" SMS command.

Everything else is working (gps, iostatus, reboot), but "status" does not reply me with the IP address.

It stopped to work about a week ago after months using TRB145 without any problem.

RUT955 worked for about a week and also stopped.

RUT955 firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.02.7
TRB145 firmware version TRB1_R_00.07.02.3

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The logs indicate that the message was sent: unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:1745]: read unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:1747]: sms_index: 4 unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:1347]: SMS Index == 4 unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:1348]: Date == 2022-09-23 10:24:36 unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:1349]: Sender == +5511985853303 unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:1350]: SMS Text == status unhandler[4874]:

kern.notice kernel: SMS received from: +5511985853303 (internal modem) unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:327]: EXECUTING STATUS unhandler[4874]: SMS-Utilities[src/sms_utils.c:124]: Deleting sms with index:4

 kern.notice kernel: Get status from: +5511985853303 (internal modem)

kern.notice kernel: SMS was sent to: +5511985853303

Could you try sending status from a different phone number?

Also, could you clarify, what do you mean with "status" does not reply me with the IP address?

Best regards,

by anonymous

We are trying to send from 2-3 different numbers. Log indicates "sent" but we don´t get the SMS.

"status" does not reply me with the IP address 

- means that I send a SMS to Device in order to get the IP address and be possible to access the WebUI and SSH.
As SMS return never come, I don´t know the IP address for the device.

When I send: "iostatus" the device reply me a SMS text.
When I send: "gps" the device reply me a SMS text.
When I send: "status" the device DOES NOT reply me a SMS text. Only "status" is not working.

by anonymous
How many devices are affected?

Could you generate a troubleshoot file from a TRB device and another RUT955 to look for any consistencies in configuration, modem firmware version?

Also, was the troubleshoot file generated on 2022-09-23, or is the device not synchronized with the actual time?
by anonymous
About ~30 RUT955 devices affected.

Correct: troubleshoot file generated on 2022-09-23 (a week ago). I was waiting to confirm that is a real problem.

I can generate troubleshoot file for another RUT955. I have some still on hands. But how to send to you?
There is not "upload" button here anymore.

I can not generate troubleshoot file for RUT145 because I don´t know the IP Address to access them (the exact problem I am describing...).
by anonymous
You can send them in a personal message by clicking on my nickname or attach by editing your question.
by anonymous
Sent about 1 hour ago