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We are using TRB142 to transfer data via COM port to a remote FTP server. The procedure to upload data ican be read in  "EC2xEG9x&EM05_FTP(S)_AT_Commands Manual" from Quectel. Basically, you setup the TRB142 as a FTP client via a set of AT commands. After AT+QFTPPUT, the TRB142 switches to data mode and accepts data from the COM-port. To end data mode, one should send "+++" via the COM port.

That, however, doesn't work. There is really no way to exit data mode which means you can't close the connection from the TRB142. After a timeout period - typically a few minutes, the remote FTP server aborts the connection. But this is not the way it's supposed to work.

Comments appreciated. Anyone having the same issue?

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A similar case has been registered from another client with the same issue regarding “+++“ sequence and TRB142 device. There is an ongoing communication between the development team and Quectel, however, the solution is still not available yet.

In the meantime, could you tell the modem firmware version your device has installed from the WebUI Status -> System section?

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While we await Teltonika to fix the bug, a workaround to the problem is to send a very specified number of bytes. Example: AT+QFTPPUT="test.txt","COM: ",0,10000,1 will transfer exatly 10000 bytes to the FTP server. After the TRB142 has received the last byte on the serial port, it will automatically exit data mode.