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by anonymous

First time on here. so please forgive me if i break any rules.

Creating a system for boats to get wi-fi from long distance from hotels wifi etc.

I am testing a RUT950  trying to connect to public wifi using wireless station mode in several cafes

I have have connected the RUT950 to the wireless network of Starbucks,  the laptop (connected thru port 1 ethernet) receives the ip address from the RUT950, the laptop also thinks i have internet access. but does not bring up the public portal to allow access on to the internet. I am guessing this is DNS  blocking the access, but it could be the routing etc.

On another public wifi (o2) the laptop wont get access to the internet without O2 sending a one time code via text, they recognise the mac address of the RUT950 to gain access, don't know how i get around this one. The RUT950 has connected to the wireless hotspot, but the laptop cannot see the portal or the o2 network.

Any help would be really useful.



by anonymous

This is not possible yet. see this post

coment and upvote and maybe teltonica will see there is a need for this feature and impliment it.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Can not be used Hotspot for WiFi as WAN, because router do not have feature for authentication or forwarding login page option.