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by anonymous
Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to configure the DNS forwarding feature in the legacy OS of RUT950? Per checking the "DNS" tab found in the RUTOS firmware of RUT950 is not existing on the Legacy OS Version. Can someone help me how can I configure DNS forwarding in the legacy OS? My goal is to forward DNS queries of clients/workstations from a branch office to my DNS Servers( & hosted at the head office. The branch office and head office is connected via VPN. Please see single line diagram below:

Client -->RUT950-->Internet (VPN)-->H.O Gateway --> DNS servers

Note: In the RUTOS firmware, we can easily do this by utilizing the feature below. We simply put the DNS servers ( & to the "DNS forwardings" field and it works very fine. (please visit

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by anonymous


You can pass DNS server IP addresses to hosts on a network by adding options to your DHCP settings. 

Navigate to Network -> LAN section. Under DHCP server section, select Advanced Settings tab. There you need to set 6, in DHCP options.

6 stands for DNS server.

Best regards,