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by anonymous


I cannot use sms utilities to receive information. I am using RUT360, firmware 07.02.7

Using Messages utilities or Call Utilities, everything works fine, and I can send and receive messages from the device.

When I use SMS utilities, message is received and executed, but I don't receive a reponse (for example, with status message).

I sent a message configured without authorization, to make it simpler.

In the log, I have messages:

  • Rule not enabled
  • Deleting sms with index:6
  • Get status from: xxxxxx
  • Rule executing failed
  • load_uci_config failed
  •  section_list: reply
  • Service disabled
  • ...

Any advice about this?

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Could you replicate the issue by sending several SMS commands to the router and downloading a troubleshoot file? To generate the file, access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration > Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. A screenshot from your phone, where the response is not received would be helpful too with visible timestamps.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you, I have attached troubleshoot file to the question above, I don't see the way to attach it to this answer.

I forgot the screen capture, but it was the following:

11:50: message received with text "test" (working ok)

11:50: message sent with text "<correct pwd> status" (message sent, but not received answer)

11:51: message sent with text "statusna" (message sent, but not received answer)

11:52: message sent with text "<correct pwd> wifion" (message sent, wifi changed, not received answer)
by anonymous

The device seems to react to WiFI on message, but sends nothing back upon reception of status SMS. For some reason, during the command check it does not drop password and validates combination of <passwd> status instead of only status command and this applies for both status and statusna commands. Also, I do not see statusna configured in SMS utilities.  

Another thing, which is likely irrelevant, It is visible that the router receives SMS on 09:50:35, though time associated with SMS is 11:50:35. Are you testing the router from a remote location? 

If it is a mismatch, could you login to the web interface, navigate to Services -> NTP  -> General and set correct time zone or synchronize router's time with the browser's?

Otherwise, I would suggest to reset the router to factory defaults and see if that would help.

by anonymous
Thank you for your answer.

About the time, it is configured in UTC, that is the reason of 2hours delay.

The command "statusna" was a new one configured as a copy of "status", but with "no authentication". I hope that I have not forgotten to configure it in this test, since I did it in earlier tests. I was trying precisely to check if the password validation was a problem, although it is not the case for "wifion". If it was not configured for this test, It was in earlier tests at my side with the same result.

For this test I reset to factory defaults.

I will test everything from factory again, but it seems that something is wrong with answering with a message to an SMS message, though the manual SMS sending is working. Nevertheless, the messages arrives and change desired settings.

Thank you very much for your help. Could be interesting to debug messages process in more details? Could you hint the source code that is being executed? Besides reset to factory defaults, I have no more ideas.
by anonymous

I cannot point you to source code, as I am unfamiliar with it.

Also, from the logs, authorization is disabled for both, status and statusna commands, but the message you send to get status included the password.

Did the status command work previously?

Have you performed firmware update with Keep settings option enabled recently?

If the reset does not help, I would like you to generate another troubleshoot file with the similar scenario replicated, by sending status and wifion SMS to the router. I would provide it to the development team to investigate.