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by anonymous

I have two RUT240 and I want to connect them to the UNIFY switch. I want them to be the same network so data is being taken from both routers to improve my connection as they each have a different ISP (sim card).

I hope my question makes sense, I am a newbie in the networking arena but I am trying to learn. Thanks for your help!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


I assume that you are referring to what is called bonding, a feature, which allows to combine bandwidth provided by multiple ISPs. Without third party support, Bondix in Teltonika case, which is also available for certain devices and firmware only, this is not possible.

What is supported, is called Load balancing. In this case, one of the RUT240s could be used as a secondary wired WAN source for the other. This combination allows to distribute traffic between two providers networks, meaning that it will not increase the speed of a single connection, but the number possible of simultaneous connections will. Also stability and reliability of your network will improve too.

For a more detailed explanation, please refer to this page.

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