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by anonymous
I'm changing providers and in preperation I'm trying to implement a RUT950 as a backup WAN.

I've connected the Ziggo modem to the RUT950 through the WAN-port, set the RUT950 WAN-port to use DHCP.

I gave the RUT950 (LAN) a fixed IP (IP and connected LAN1 to the WAN-port of my UniFi UDM.

I gave my UniFi UDM WAN-port a fixed IP (IP, Subnet, Gatewat and the LAN of my UniFi UDM is 10.25.x.x.

In the settings of the RUT950 I've enabled WAN failover to use cellular as the failover.

I can't access the internet through my wired connection, what have I missed.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for your question,

  1. Try pinging using RUT950 CLI, if packets are lost, the problem is on Modem <-> RUT950 connection, however, pings are successful, and the issue occurs on RUT950<->UniFi connection.
  2. Or do by "I can't access the internet through my wired connection" you mean that there is internet access through mobile connection? Then you would need to make WAN a higher priority by dragging the interface up.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask.

Sincerely, Justas.

by anonymous
Thanks for the reply. This morning I had a moment of clearity and factory resetted the device.

I've set it up again and it works like intended. When Ziggo will cut the cord in a few days my wireless provider will take over.
by anonymous
Glad to hear good news from you.