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by anonymous

On TRB255 using FW : TRB2_R_00.07.02.7_WEBUI, is DNS forwarding from Telco enabled by default ? If not how to enable it ?

Thanking in advance,

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by anonymous


Thanks for reaching us, hope to serve you well.

Kindly check the link below regarding the DNS service in TRB255.

TRB255 DNS - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

If you didn't find what you need, kindly specify what exactly you want.

by anonymous
DNS are being provided by TELCO when using DHCP mode.

I would like to configure the device connected to receive either the DNS address on the WAN connection or the IP address of the TRB255 ( same as gateway).

I do not want to enter a DNS manually ex
by anonymous

DNS server IP addresses can be passed to hosts on a network by adding options to LAN interface DHCP settings. 

Navigate to Network -> LAN section. Under DHCP server section, select Advanced Settings tab. There you need to set 6, in DHCP options.

6 stands for DNS server.

Below are a couple of CLI/SSH options that could also be used to modify DNS forwardings:

  • file /etc/config/network
    • dns_metric option can be added to prioritize DNS servers. 0 means highest priority. For example:
config interface 'wan'
  option dns_metric '100'
  • file /etc/config/dhcp
    • you can add strictorder option, meaning that then servers will be used one by one as ordered in resolv file. Example:
config dnsmasq
  option strictorder '1'
by anonymous
Thanks a lot,

Is it always whatever the IP config ?
by anonymous is simply an example, if that is what you are asking. Replace it with your address. Aside from that, this value should be preferred over what is provided by ISP.