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by anonymous

I have an ip sony camera RZ50 and I am trying to connect in RUT240.

My router has cellular SIM card inside and I connect the camera to LAN port.

I follow all the instruction from here which is a similar example with no success.

My purpose is to access the camera throw application in my phone.

Thanks in advance,


1 Answer

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by anonymous


I am not familiar with the RZ50 camera or it's interface, but could you share the configuration you have done with it?

Also, I would like to see your port forwarding configuration. 

Could you tell what IP address is assigned to your mobile interface from Network -> Interfaces section?

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you for the reply!

As you can see in the photo there is no "interface" section in my router's menu.

However in WAN my router has the IP

by anonymous

First, you are using Legacy WebUI firmware, which, if possible, I suggest to upgrade to the current RutOS

Next, is not a public IP routable over the internet, thus if your goal is to access the camera remotely, it will not work.

by anonymous
I'll try to upgrade it via RMS but says that router don't support this version.

Yes that's the private IP but in Administration setting I enable the http and https connection. How can I see the public IP?
by anonymous

Public IP is a service provided by your ISP, and if it is not assigned now, it is likely additional paid service.

A solution could be to access the camera via RMS, where you could create RMS VPN HUB. Please refer to the following video for instructions:

It might be possible that you have an older hardware design device, which may not be upgradeable to firmware version 7.0 and above.

by anonymous
I'll try the RMS VPN HUB and I'll contact my provider in order to examine the services.

Thank you for your time and I'll reach back with the results.