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by anonymous
Hello Community !

I have a LAN network with devices and defined, the Gateway for this devices is a router with IP Now I need to connect a OpenVPN network with for the router as tunnel.

Using the on the router LAN device and activating the VPN the VPN connection is lost  because of the wrong use of the LAN network submask.

Is there a way to define a "special" /additional route only for the VPN connection ? I am unsure about the mask / metric parameters I need to setup.

How can I (without changing the old LAN devices) define the correct route for the VPN connection

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I do not think this is possible from the routing perspective, as there is no way to set how set and to decide whether to route from to site via some networking interface.

Why do you need such large networks in the first place?

It can cause other issues such as broadcast floods, which waste bandwidth and reduce overall performance.

Best regards,