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I know that the backup includes the rc.local file with the  startup script and that works fine but it's not enough for my usecase. I use the user startup script to start 2 custom shell scripts but the scripts aren't included in the backup so the backup isn't useful.

Is there a way to get my custom scripts included in the backup? currently they are sitting in the /etc/ folder but the backup isn't working.

I know that I could just use scp or something like that but it would be nice if people who aren't that tech savvy could just use the webui to upload a backup file to the router.

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I figured it out myself. I can add the custom scripts to the backup archive I downloaded manually and when I upload that backup to the router it will also upload the scripts.
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You can add the absolute file location of your script in file

After that your file will be included in the backup archive. Furthermore the file will be remained after firmware upgrade.