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by anonymous
Dear Teltonika,

we would like to have Single Sign-on Feature in combination with RMS and the devices (Router).

Login to RMS and to the router (WebUI) with the same user and credentials. It think it would increase the security because nobody use the admin/root user. Admin/root should be only used as breakglass account. Additional if somebody leave to company we have to offboard it only in RMS because normal engineers should never use the breakglass account. If somebody used the breakglass account it can be changed fast we password manager in RMS.

BR, Tifoso

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by anonymous

Thank you for your input.

Could you clarify, whether you want this to limit access rights to the RMS or to the devices, as it is possible to simply create separate user groups and login credentials for each user within the device.

The same applies to RMS. You can create users and control their permissions within the platform.

Best regards,
by anonymous
we want to restrict access to the devices. Every device should have own passwords. and every user should have the own password. The users and password should be synced automatically from RMS to device. For example if somebody leave the company, we can offboard the user in RMS and the login is not longer possible on the device and RMS. The same should work of course with new users. ;-)