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In the first week of use, the router worked well, but then it started to disconnect from mobile data. I bought a 4G/LTE TRANS-DATA LTE Antenna (the problem was also encountered with original antennas) and increased the signal from 78 dBm to 66dBm . I selected bands 3, 20 as the Orange operator in Romania says. I reset the router to the factory settings and installed the latest firmware but without any result. My PC is connected to the router via an Ethernet cable and I'm sure the connection is good, but I don't understand why it randomly disconnects from the network . What can I do to make the router work without disconnecting?

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How frequent are the disconnects? Could they be periodically initiated by your provider to update the the IP lease?

Would it be possible for you to test the card in a smartphone, to see if a similar behavior occurs?

The provided troubleshoot file shows only a couple of the first minutes of device operation, which by the end results in a successful mobile data connection.

Would it be possible to receive file after some more time, when the disconnect occurs?

Also, could you configure Auto reboot, to restart only the internal modem on the detection of disconnection, to check if that could be the solution?

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I configured auto reboot as you said. I tried another sim card from the same operator and had no more problems. Even if the first sim card is new, it gives me problems (I will go buy a new one). Thank you very much for the answer!