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looking for a way to use modbus to read both internal registers and the slaves connected to RS485 from a script running INSIDE the RUT955. 

Would be very nice to use Python3 for that, but opkg list | grep python returns nothing.

If python3 (light, mini) and pymodbus (or minimalmodbus) are really not possible(?), then perhaps a shell command line utility like modbus-cli could be added?

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by anonymous


Yes, it's possible to install python3 to RUT955, however router doesn't have enough memory for this package. So before installing it, you have to expand router memory with USB flash or microSD card. To do this follow these instructions:

In router command line enter these lines (note: if you are using microSD card instead of mnt/sda1 use /mnt/mmcblk0p1):

sed -i 's#PATH=#PATH=/mnt/sda1/bin:/mnt/sda1/usr/bin:/mnt/sda1/usr/local/bin:/mnt/sda1/sbin:/mnt/sda1/usr/sbin:/mnt/sda1/usr/local/sbin:#' /etc/profile

echo >> /etc/profile

echo 'export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/sda1/lib:/mnt/sda1/usr/lib:/mnt/sda1/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH' >> /etc/profile

echo 'dest usb /mnt/sda1' >> /etc/opkg.conf

opkg update

reboot -f

Then to install opkg packages uses theses commands:

opkg update

opkg -d usb install PACKAGE

For example, to install python3:

opkg -d usb install python3

If you get any error messages, please ignore them, everything was installed properly.

by anonymous
Using your steps I was able to get python3 installed on my device. Thank you.