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by anonymous
Hello. I brought RUTX10 product and it started it. At first boot LAN leds was blinking but network wasn't established. I could not reach router page or get IP on PC. I restarted router couple of times and it started to work. It worked for 2 weeks and then I needed to restart it again. After restart I wasn't able to get any IP address again ar reach router page. I thought that it's really some kind of problem. So I brought uart adapter and plug it in router. I found out that when my router hangs there is some error with nand flash memory(it's new product, like 2 months old). Does flash weared so quickly? I did not do any big configurations or something, just port forwading rule and 5 times upgrading firmware.

Maybe you could tell me what kind of error I'm getting and what should I do?

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by anonymous


If access to the device is possible, try resetting it using bootloader menu. For instructions, please refer here.

Otherwise, return it to your reseller for warranty repair.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Is there any possibility to return device to you for investigation? I don't have any receipt anymore from reseller.
by anonymous
Any news about returning for investigation?