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I would like to preapare remote access to PLC via VPN using RUT 230 on PLC side.

Topology is on picture. I've prepared connection by VPN clients. I've set routing on server side. I see Teltonika RUT230 connected. I have ping prom PC to ruter ( Last step is redirect everything trougt LAN port. 

I've try to set routing zones and set something on forewall side but still I Can't reach PLC. No ping to address Also I can't see PLC by PLC software.

Can somebody help me to "connect" VPN and LAN ?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

What VPN you are using with RUT230? What cloud based VPN server you are using? Do you have connection from PC to VPN server? Can you ping from RUT230 to VPN server?
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Hi, I'm using OPENVPN. I can ping serwer from RUT230 also I can ping PC. Cloud serwer - ARUBA
by anonymous

How the RUT230 and PLC is connected and what protocol is used? What PLC is used?

PLC is SIMATIC S7-1200. Protocol profinet.
by anonymous
I have looked over the datasheet of SIMATIC S7-1200 and can't seem to find that it supports VPN. As I understand your question is not about VPN, but of actually connecting RUT230 with PLC. Have you tried using Modbus TCP?

I don't understand how I can manage  PLC using MODBUS. If I want to exchange some data between PLC and PC I must configure some blocks on PLC. Something like SCADA system. But I want to have full access.

 In fact VPN is only used to connect with router and must be like transmiter of traffic. Now I'm connected with RUT230 which is 300 km far from my place by open VPN. RUT is connected via LAN to PLC. I can ping to PLC (picture below) 

Only small step is to connet VPN to LAN. I know other solution from different producer ( not Teltonika) which is used also OpenVPN and works without problem. But of course price is higher than Teltonika. 

by anonymous
Can you send me troubleshoot file via private message?