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My RUT240 was connecting to the Internet without a problem. 

But now I have the following problem using SIM:
Data connection: disconnected 

I have upgraded to the latest Firmware (Legacy and then to RUT240 RUT2_R_00.07.02.7) but the problem remains. The SIM Card is working (I have checked by inserting it to my iPhone and calling the SIM Provider). 

I have attached the troubleshoot file.

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First, I would like you to perform a factory reset by navigating to System -> Backup and pressing Restore under Restore default settings section.

Check if the connection establishes afterwards.

The next thing you can try is to set a custom APN in Network -> Interfaces section by editing mobile interface settings and disabling Auto APN slider button.

If the above fail, please generate a new troubleshoot file and attach it by editing your question.

Best regards,

I made a factory reset and now the connection is working.

Does that mean I have to reset all my devices and reconfigure them (20+)? My other devices are still running on Legacy UI. Is there a better way?
It depends on the legacy version your RUT240 is using. In most cases, latest RutOS should update fine from the latest legacy at that time. Currently, update from 1.14.6 to 7.02.7 should be without issues, however, some are possible due to there being many changes in between these versions.
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I had the same issue when changing to a new SIM on the latest firmware on a RUT 360.

The suggestion below and from another thread worked for me, namely resetting the settings. The 4G light stopped blinking after the reboot and it had connected by the time I logged into the UI.

Specifically, I had done a backup of the settings beforehand and restoring the settings and rebooting after the reset, also worked. SO you don't need to set the modem up again.